A question about a recipe: Sun Gold Tomato Pasta

I have a question about the recipe "Sun Gold Tomato Pasta" from The Perennial Plate. The recipe says to sweat the onions in half of the butter, but I don't see where/when to add the other half. I'm planning to just toss it with the cooked pasta at some point before throwing it all together, but curious if there's a step I'm missing. Thanks in advance!

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Sun Gold Tomato Pasta
Recipe question for: Sun Gold Tomato Pasta


perennialplate August 18, 2011
yes, add the butter at the end, sorry!
perennialplate August 18, 2011
YEs, sorry, add it at the end! sorry
boulangere August 18, 2011
Nope, I don't see it either, but I'm guessing you add it at the end when you're tossing everything together.
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