A question about a recipe: Caprese Tart (from Cherry Tomato contest)

Love the "Caprese Tart" recipe from TheRunawaySpoon but need to find a way to save time on the step for coring & seeding the cherry tomatoes. Could you alternately use whole cherry tomatoes and just scatter small mozz cubes over them, then bake? Would you bake the tart a bit first without the mozz, to get the cherry tomatoes moving along, and then add the mozz cubes closer to the end of baking? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • August 18, 2011
Caprese Tart
Recipe question for: Caprese Tart


Pegeen August 20, 2011
Thanks, SKK!
SKK August 19, 2011
Here is another thought, if you really don't want to core tomatoes, try this recipe
SKK August 19, 2011
Are you sure you can't ask someone to help you core the tomatoes? The beauty of this recipe is in the prep RunAwaySpoon puts into it.

You are going to have extra liquid from not coring and seeding the cherry tomatoes. One possibility is to bake the tomatoes alone at about 350F for an hour or two so they release liquid. And I wouldn't use cubes, which are too heavy, I would grate the mozzarella.

Good luck!

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