Thanks for answer, A.H. I have one more borscht Q: it says use dried porcini, soak etc. I only have a mixed bag of dried mushrooms, with Shitaki, black, oyster, and porcini. Can I use, or with the Shitake be overpowering. It's just an ounce in a giant pot. Thanks again. Foodpickle is so awesome.



EmilyNunn October 18, 2010
Thanks, Midge. Pierino, so funny that you say that. I have a really strong reaction to shitakes, and can taste the tiniest bit--I love them, but sometimes can't forget them, really strong taste memory. Allie, that gorgeous borscht recipe is next on my list. The soup turned out beautifully--Barbara Kafka's vegetarian borscht (celery root, potatoes, beet greens, carrot, cabbage, etc.)
pierino October 17, 2010
Personally I find shitake mushrooms to be almost neutral in taste, far from overpowering. In fact, I'd place them at the low end of the bland dial. Porcini (cepes) have a stronger flavor.
Midge October 17, 2010
I've done exactly that before and it's been fine. I found the recipe that I use out of the Rebar cookbook (awesome vegetarian cookbook from a restaurant in Victoria, B.C.), btw) here:
allie October 16, 2010
I can't imagine it would make a difference -- though for a truly amazing borscht recipe, check out
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