Mushrooms left out

My wife left some oyster mushrooms and a portabella mushroom out for two nights in brown paper bags. They appear kinda dried out but otherwise ok. Can I use them in my risotto as planned? Any tips for rehabbing them?

  • Posted by: Imogen
  • March 24, 2017


PHIL March 25, 2017
They will be fine once you cook them. Cooking produce that is past it's prime is a great way to use them up rather than wasting them. Enjoy!
SMSF March 24, 2017
I would use them. In my opinion, if you're using them in a risotto it'll work out just fine even if they're a little dried out because of the broth/liquid you'll be using.
(And be sure to scrape out the gills on that portobello with the edge of a spoon or they'll turn the risotto an unappealing grey color.)
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