How so you stop a banana from ripening?

Every time I buy bananas they ripen too quickly. I know I should just buy less, but I don't get the chance to run to the store with my hectic work schedule. Is there a way to slow the ripening process?

  • Posted by: skittle
  • August 21, 2011


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If a banana does ripen, then I pop it in the freezer for emergency desserts or frozen drinks.
student E. August 22, 2011
something else that will help is to store the bananas away from other fruit. as fruit ripens, it releases ethylene, a natural chemical that promotes ripening. this is why it can be helpful to stick a ripe banana in a bag of hard pears in order to ripen them. ergo, keeping the bananas away from the fruit bowl should help too.
Merrill S. August 21, 2011
A couple of options: you can hang your bananas using one of those banana hooks (this will slow down the ripening process a little bit), or you can refrigerating them once they're at the stage of ripeness that you like. The skins will darken in the refrigerator, but the fruit itself shouldn't get mushy or overripe for several days. Good luck!
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