Restaurants in Copenhagen

I'm taking a trip to Copenhagen for a few days this fall - any restaurants (besides Noma) that are a must?

Brette Warshaw


nckulikowski August 23, 2011
Gråbrødretorvet really is a lovely little place, though somehow I could only ever find it when I let myself get lost (which I also recommend highly!). Across the square from Peder Oxe is a pink building with a terribly cute lunch place in the cellar called Skildpadden. Has a bottomless salad bar and serves nice made-to-order sandwiches, too.

Bryggen-11 is an absolute must for dessert.
fiveandspice August 23, 2011
You have to go to this adorable little square area called Gråbrødretorvet. There's a restaurant there which I think is called Peder Oxe where you can get wonderful classic open faced sandwiches called smørrebrød.
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