Free range eggs

I just got back from a local petting farm with the kids, bought a dozen free-range eggs in the gift shop. Any egg-cellent (easy) ideas for dinner?



SKK August 25, 2011
I am with ChefJune and aargersi and I would even be simpler. At this time of year I soft-medium boil my free-range eggs from my farmer and slice tomatoes and cucumbers and put hummus out and wonderful bread and eat that. Oh so good!
wssmom August 25, 2011
The "good china" eggs are one of my faves!
ChefJune August 25, 2011
If this is your first experience with free-range eggs, you will taste a difference between them and grocery store eggs. Prepare them simply so you won't mask that wonderful flavor. aargersi's idea sounds like a winner.
boulangere August 25, 2011
Lucky you! This is one of my favorites:
student E. August 25, 2011
aargersi August 25, 2011
Mmmm - I would boil some noodles, add maybe some fresh peas and basil and parmesan, and plop poached eggs on top!

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