A question about a recipe: Baked Ricotta and Goat Cheese with Candied Tomatoes Okay, this may seem like an odd question indeed.

But if you wanted to adapt this recipe, because you knew that some of your guests did not care for goat cheese at all, what cheese would you use instead? Thank you so much. ;o)



Droplet August 25, 2011
Goat cheese also comes in various forms, both soft and hard. The recipe isn't very specific, but I am sure you can substitute cow's cheese successfully ( in terms of texture, with an expected palatable variation in taste to those who know their cheese). I have tasted a great variety of Feta cheeses and even they vary considerably in their own family. And since this is a composite bake, I think a substitution will be forgiving. If it is the tang that bothers you, it might be a bit more of a problem here since the candied tomatoes contrast it, but you can try to ofset it with a bit of honey in the bake itself. Or if it is the smell, I suppose you can use a bouquet of other herbs along with the marjoram...Letting a block of feta rest in clean water for several hours or overnight mellows the taste quite a bit. Hope this helps.
drbabs August 25, 2011
I'm planning to make this also and my husband also hates goat cheese (and feta, boursin, etc.) so I was thinking of using all ricotta and upping the herbs--maybe a mixture of basil and oregano in addition to the marjoram--and adding lemon or lime zest and possibly some garlic.
wssmom August 25, 2011
I am with SKK; I'd use boursin!
SKK August 25, 2011
My sister can't stand goat cheese - it literally makes her gag. I use feta, sour cream or even boursin at times.
hardlikearmour August 25, 2011
How about a non-goat milk fromage blanc? Would be similar in texture and flavor to fresh goat cheese. I'd also think about an aged Manchego (Viejo) or a sharp cheddar. Something with a fairly strong and sharpish flavor seems like it would be a good alternative.
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