I am out of brown sugar. Would honey work as a sub or any other suggestions?



vvvanessa August 28, 2011
you're welcome! i hope it turns out : )
jamie321 August 28, 2011
thanks a lot!
vvvanessa August 28, 2011
or, if you happen to have a sugar like turbinado, that would be my second choice after the sugar-molasses mix. plain granulated sugar won't have the complexity of the brown sugar, but will certainly impart the sweetness.
vvvanessa August 28, 2011
if you happen to have plain old granulated sugar and molasses, that is the closest substitution. the proportion is usually about 1 cup of sugar to 1 tablespoon of molasses (for light brown sugar), so for a quarter cup, i'd use 1/4 cup sugar and just shy of 1 teaspoon of molasses. or, i'd just go with regular sugar.
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