Quick, delicious recipes for artichoke leaves?

Will be making dymnyno's Heart of gold recipe tonight, but I feel horrible throwing out the leaves....what can I make with the leaves?

  • Posted by: yella
  • August 29, 2011


MTMitchell August 29, 2011
I'm not sure how this would work with the recipe, and it's definitely not a very lady-like way to eat artichokes, but we always clip the pointy parts off of the tips of the leaves, steam the artichokes with lemon, garlic and a bunch of herbs (whatever's around) in the water until done (30 minutes? 45? I just start checking at 30), and serve the whole thing with melted butter that has tarragon mixed in, along with a little salt and pepper (fresh if I have it on hand, dried if not). Here's where the messy part comes in (and I am fully aware that this is not everyone's style, and that many people consider the leaves to be less-than-edible, but...) -- pull each leaf off, dip the meaty "end" in the butter, and scrape the meat off with your bottom teeth. It's definitely messy, and it's delicious and fun and a great way to use up the leaves.
yella August 29, 2011
thanks merrill! these artichokes are the size of my head... so maybe you're right and i should stick to steaming! I could use the same dipping sauce from dymnynos recipe I guess...
Merrill S. August 29, 2011
If you're using small, tender artichokes, you could try frying up the leaves in olive oil, a la this recipe: http://www.food52.com/recipes/4393_baby_purple_artichokes_fried_in_olive_oil?fp2r If the leaves are big and tough, I think your best bet is to steam them and just go at them with your teeth!
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