chicken temp

What's the ideal internal temperature (before allowing to rest) for chicken breast in order that it stays very moist? In other words, at what temperature should you pull it out of the oven or pan?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • August 29, 2011


usuba D. August 29, 2011
USDA recommends that all poultry cook to 165 internal temp before allowing it to rest. There is a reason they recommend this to consumers and require it in all USDA inspected poultry plants that do further cooking. Too many studies have been done by land grant universities to justify these numbers. Just look at the most recent recall by Cargill for ground turkey. But even more important is how you handle poultry in your home so to prevent cross contamination during its raw state.
MangiaPhilomena August 29, 2011
I usually cook my chicken to 155, then pull it and cover it until it comes up to 160 as it rests. If you're roasting a whole bird, take the temperature of the space between the leg and the breast. Otherwise, I'll just check the largest of the individual similar pieces. (For example, a chicken breast generally cooks faster than a leg/thigh. Don't check the breast and assume the thigh is also done - check both white meat and dark meat separately.)
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