How do you think this will travel? I can reheat if necessary. Thanks!

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Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip
Recipe question for: Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip


singing_baker August 30, 2011
Thanks SKK!
SKK August 29, 2011
singing_baker is brilliant and this is one of favorite recipes from food52. This dish is transportable. I think it gets better the longer it rests!
Food O. August 29, 2011
That's what I thought. Thanks! And yes, cocktails on the boat is the best.
singing_baker August 29, 2011
I think it should be ok if you reheat it right before you are about to serve it. The top may not be as crunchy as when it first comes out of the oven but I think it should still be good. cocktail party on a boat sounds amazing btw!
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