bento boxes

good morning, a couple of weeks ago food 52 featured a bento box, it may have been an award for one of the contests but i am not sure. i would really like to know the link was so that i can track one down. thank you very much!



Summer O. August 31, 2011
Was it a metal stackable one?
sdebrango August 31, 2011
Is this what you are looking for?
happycao August 31, 2011
I saw that one in Whole foods actually, so if you still wanted one Sam1148, you can another one there?
Sam1148 August 30, 2011
I have a couple of them to pack lunches for my partner. One rarely gets used..its pretty tiny. Another one is thermos type, with stackable bowls---that one is really more for winter stuff---soups and such.
I wish I had bought the one wssmom posted.
wssmom August 30, 2011
I do not know which one was featured but this is the one I have:

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