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A question about a recipe: Olive-Oil-Poached Swordfish and Tomatoes with Olives and Capers

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I have a question about the ingredient "extra virgin olive oil, several cups" on the recipe "Olive-Oil-Poached Swordfish and Tomatoes with Olives and Capers" from ENunn. What do you suggest doing with the used oil? Can it be re-used or used in another recipe where the flavors would be appropriate?

asked by Ascender over 5 years ago
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added over 5 years ago

hmm, that's a toughie. from what i know, once you put something, especially something containing moisture, in oil, it needs to be refrigerated and used within a couple weeks, or it could end up forming botulism (I found this out the hard way when i tried to make thoughtful homemade christmas presents of infused olive oils. luckily i found out before i killed all my friends and family). once you use the oil and essentially infuse it with those flavors, i would seal it tightly and refrigerate it, and use it relatively quickly. and by all means, if you notice any changes in color or smell, throw it out!