A question about a recipe: Cherry Tomato Spread

I have a question about step 3 on the recipe "Cherry Tomato Spread" from MyGardenersTable. It says:

"Put mixture in a small cast-iron pot and cook covered in the preheated oven for 1 hour." Would a covered casserole or heavy pot work as well? Don't want to purchase a cast iron pot. Thanks in advance

  • Posted by: SKK
  • September 3, 2011
Cherry Tomato Spread
Recipe question for: Cherry Tomato Spread


wssmom September 3, 2011
When I tested this I did not use a cast-iron pot, but a small, heavy Dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid. Perhaps putting the aluminum foil over the existing lid to ensure no steam escaping?
Nadia H. September 3, 2011
@ drbabs: I see your point but I am not sure. I have seen lasagna creating little holes in aluminum foil, although it did not touch. I have to bounce that question back and hope there are some food chemistry specialists reading this.
drbabs September 3, 2011
@MyGardenersTable--do you think the foil would be a problem if it never came into contact with the tomatoes? I was envisioning a deep casserole where the spread didn't come all the way to the top, and suggested the foil to hold the heat in in case the cover didn't fit tightly as it does on a cast iron pot.
Nadia H. September 3, 2011
A covered pot or a casserole would work, as long as it (and its knob) can withstand the oven temperature of 400 degrees. Pyrex glassware with an all-glass lid should be fine, as glass is resistant to high temperatures. Re drbabs' suggestion I would not use aluminum foil with tomatoes, as their acid can corrode and dissolve the foil.
drbabs September 3, 2011
I think it would. You might want to cover the casserole with heavy foil before you put the lid on.
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