Too Much Jalapeno! What can I do to cut the heat?

I put too much fresh jalapeno in a corn chowder, and it is almost too hot to eat! Help! Is there anything I can add to cut the heat?

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Nancy June 4, 2015
cute resource - graphic of half dozen ways to fix over-spiced food:
creamtea September 8, 2011
I agree with all answers so far! I think if it were me, depending on the amount of chowder you've made, and the heat level. I'd divide the batch and freeze a fraction of it- 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, you're the best judge-for later use. Then I'd rejigger the remainder, adding milk product(s) to tame the heat and bulking up the soup with cubes of potato (and extra corn kernels, if you have any!) and some salt for balance. Many times if I've overdone and ingredient, it becomes an endless game of repeatedly sploshing in more ingredients to tone it down; taking out a fraction and using the remainder as a component of a new dish gives you some room to manoeuver.
wssmom September 8, 2011
I agree with Niknud as far as adding dairy products; dairy ingredients contain casein, which according to the Chile Institute helps ease the burning sensation from hot peppers. Sugar also is beneficial. It also might help if you could fish out as many of the the jalapenos as you can from the chowder.
Niknud September 8, 2011
Sour cream, greek yogurt, cream, or any dairy product in general. Good luck!
susan G. September 8, 2011
You could drain the liquids and rebalance to make up the volume at the right heat level; you could cook potatoes with the soup or in the drained liquid. Potatoes are usually recommended as heat sponges.
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