Creating a Salt Tasting Experience

I recently acquired several special finishing salts: Maldon Flake Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt, and an Alder Smoked Salt. I want to share a tasting experience with several friends so that we can experience the differences in the salts. I am trying to come up with dishes I could present that could serve as a tasty base that will let the finishing salts shine in all their glory. I am drawing a blank! I am looking for main course or veggie options. Do you all have any ideas?



Sam1148 September 10, 2011
Don't forget fruit. I love salt on watermelon, nectarines and plums.
I also like popcorn on salad instead of croutons with blue cheese dressing and a good salt.
latoscana September 10, 2011
What a cool idea, verdigris! Let us know what you decide to do and how it turns out.
hardlikearmour September 9, 2011
Of the top of my head I think melon would be a great vehicle for the salt. If you can, check out the book Salted: A Manifesto by Mark Bitterman:
There may also be some ideas at his store's website (see previous link)
boulangere September 9, 2011
Think about contacting a local kitchenware store. They're likely to carry or have access to various salts, as well as as how to use them and also a good publicity program.
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