Suggestions on using black truffle salt?



Emily H. June 8, 2011
Dan covered a lot of great options, but to go along with the pasta, remember pizza. Brussels sprouts pizza with a fair amount of cheese and a little bacon gets a nice boost with a sprinkle of truffle salt.

Also, really lovely fresh baked bread and lots of butter only gets better with a little truffle salt. The same goes for baked mac and cheese - truffled mac and cheese is pretty much heaven on a plate.

I say don't be afraid of the decadence - experiment with a little sprinkle of the salt on your favorite meals. See what your taste buds enjoy!
sfwork June 8, 2011
there's a great japanese izakaya place in sf that makes a maitaki mushroom fritter (tempura style) and they finish it with a generous sprinkling of truffle salt. boy is that a winning combination.
Dan S. June 7, 2011
Remember the truffle popcorn you ate while sitting in the salon at Thomas Keller's per se restaurant? So do I. The culinary team made the truffle salt... you don't have to, but you should still use the truffle salt to make popcorn. Truffles go well with eggs, especially runny yolks - poached eggs, soft boiled and sunny side up/over easy. Try a brioche bird-in-the-nest and season with truffle salt. Savory custards or quiche (again, egg based). Crostini with ricotta, olive oil and truffle salt. Pecorino cheese and yes, a little truffle salt. Sprinkle truffle salt over simple pasta and risotto dishes. Season your French fries with truffle salt and a little fresh ground pepper. Remember there is more salt than truffle so season accordingly.
Brette W. June 5, 2011
I really like it sprinkled over hard boiled eggs on toast, or any other kind of eggs, for that matter. Good with roasted potatoes too. Any not-so-flavorful vehicle will make the truffle taste shine.
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