I would like to know where you purchased the container. I am going to make this recipe. You do eat with your eyes first and this is a beautiful...

... presentation



everblessed October 28, 2011
I found an Australian company selling glass coddlers a lot less expensive than others and they're on sale right now. Waiting to hear back how much shipping is...

boulangere October 28, 2011
Great news! Thanks for sharing the link. I'd love to know what shipping is, too.
boulangere September 12, 2011
I have good luck finding Picardie tumblers at Cost Plus World Market. I sure wish they carried these, too.
Chanteclar September 12, 2011
Thank you. I believe you are right, I found a source for 3 sizes at Divertimenti in the U.K.
Also located at Amazon.co.uk. They are considered Bauhaus in design, originally 1930's.
Greenstuff September 12, 2011
I believe that production ended at one point and then was picked up again, sort of like the beloved Picardie tumblers. They are pretty available in Britain and Germany, but a lot of us would celebrate a US source.
Chanteclar September 12, 2011
I have found a source in England. They are Jenaar Al Wagenfeld, Egg Coddler #1. I assume they were sold for more than one egg.#1 holds 2.2 oz.
Site I found said you could go to: enquirer@cook paraphernalia.co.uk. £17+.
Another souce said that the company was divesting of their Household Glass Division.
I had a Williamssonoma #, but it is no longer available. The Europeans have such a sense of style. I will check with Anchor or Corning.
Greenstuff September 12, 2011
It's a German egg coddling cup. Food52's promised us to locate a source. If you look around the site, you'll find them featured in photographs of many diverse recipes.
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