looking for a recipe other than lasagne to use ground beef and ricotta cheese as a main dish?

Michelle Clark Czerwinski


nutcakes September 17, 2011
fiveand spice: there are some very good meatballs that use ricotta (but not a whole lot), they are from A16 restaurant in San Francisco. I've made them several times and they are outstanding. You'd have to want to make something more involved than the standard (delicious) meatball.

Notes: This is opening chef Chistophe Hille's version. There are other floating around that may not be as successful. Also if you use the superlean pork floating around today you might have to add some fat.
mensaque September 16, 2011
Not to be presumptuous,but maybe someone else is wondering about the wheat for Kibe:that would be BULGAR WHEAT,the same you would use for kebab or tabbouleh.I had already answered it by message but wanted to share it with everyone else.
Michelle C. September 16, 2011
Thank you all. I've made many of the traditional pasta dishes. Actually just sent the gnocchi in my husbands lunch. Now you all understand why I was in a "pickle " trying to come up with a dish outside the box. You can stuff shells with just about anything changing out the type of sauce to accomodate the filling. I'm going to search for the above mentioned tacos from Guy too! Love him!
Michelle C. September 16, 2011
Wow I might have to buy more ricotta and make them all..they all sound so good! I think I might start and go outside the box and make the arab dish first "Kibe". But, I do wonder what kind of wheat to use that is mentioned?
mensaque September 14, 2011
How do you like arab cuisine?Do you know "Kibe"?It's a lovely meatloaf,and you can use the ricotta as filling.Take 2 pounds of twice ground beaf,1 pound of wheat(first you leave it to soak in water for a few hours,then you squeeze it hard and mix with the meat)2 huge onions diced,1 tablespoon of salt,1 of cinnamon,and a teaspoon of black pepper.Some people,myself included,like it better with parsley(1 full cup)but the original recipe asks for mint(half cup),add some butter(half cup)and dive hands first.Take the first half and lay it on a oiled baking dish ,followed by the ricotta (seasoned and pressed with a fork) and finally cover it with the other half,with a knife draw diamonds but not too deep,and add some olive oil so it wont get dry as it bakes on medium heat for about one hour.My great-grandfather was from Syria and despite the fact my great-grandmother was from Spain,she got the recipe from her mother in law and passed it on to my mother and trust me:you're gonna love it!
fiveandspice September 14, 2011
I wonder how meatballs that had ricotta in them would turn out. I've never ever tried it, just a random thought I'm throwing out there...
I like sdebrango's idea a lot. What about a stuffed large pasta shells? Or ravioli? Heidi of 101 cookbooks has a recipe for stuffed shells you could add the beef to. http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/stuffed-shells-recipe.html
wssmom September 14, 2011
Guy Fieri has a recipe for Guy-Talian Nachos that is easily found on the web and is somewhat different. And don't forget the standard baked zitis, stuffed shells, etc.
Here's a food52 recipe I love and could work with ground beef in addition to the sausage:
sdebrango September 14, 2011
You could try this great recipe for ricotta gnocchi and make a bolognese sauce for them.
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