HI! Looks yummy! Having a Craft Beer Party this Saturday, September 17th, and I have a vegan guest as a vegetarian myself, I would like to make...

... sure that she gets to eat the good grub. What should I substitute for the bittersweet chocolate and how much and in what way will a chocolate substitute alter the taste



hardlikearmour September 14, 2011
Yep! There are natural brown sugars like the demerara. Turbinado would be fine, too. If you live near a Whole Foods (or other similar store), you should be able to find the vegan brown sugar as well as vegan chocolate.
Bonnie1931 September 14, 2011
Wow! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Did not know that about sugar! It must be so hard to learn everything when you become one. Do they make that type of sugar in brown?
hardlikearmour September 14, 2011
One more thing... Make sure you use vegan sugar as well. Regular sugar can be filtered through bone char. I like natural demerara sugar, which can be found at lots of grocery stores these days. The label should let you know it's vegan.
hardlikearmour September 14, 2011
You can make it w/o the chocolate and just have it be caramel-coconut flavored. I have made it as is for vegans, and just use vegan bittersweet chocolate. I like the Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate Bar. http://chocolatebar.com/products.php?product=3oz.-All%252dNatural-Supreme-Dark-Chocolate
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