beets have been in fridge a week. they are now soft but otherwise seem fine. safe to eat or no?



mensaque September 15, 2011
I'm not going to desagree but if they've been on your fridge for only a week and they're already soft it seems to me that they've lived a long life before they moved in with you,or the accommodations you offered were not the best.I keep mine on zip-locks unlocked...they last for 2 sometimes 3 months!They're resilient little things,aren't they?
Panfusine September 15, 2011
perfectly safe to consume...As boulangere says, as long as ther's no fuzzy white stuff on it or any pink juice oozing, just slice em steam em, toss with some feta, salt & pepper..
drkate September 14, 2011
You might be able to re-crisp them by putting them in a bowl in the fridge overnight covered with water. I've had good luck doing that with radishes and carrots when they are a bit limp.
boulangere September 14, 2011
Agree with all of the above. In the absence of (yikes) mold, persevere. They sound more tired than spoiled.
Lambs' E. September 14, 2011
Absolutely! Scrub them, wrap them in foil, bake in the oven until cooked through then whizz them up with yoghurt, garlic, cumin and salt for an amazing dip.
Helen's A. September 14, 2011
I have some in the same condition! If they are just a bit soft, they should be ok. If they are slimy or moldy, toss them out. I have kept them for weeks in the fridge by putting them in a roomy Tupperware type container lined with paper towels. Works great for carrots, turnips, etc.
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