Can you roast canned beets? I hate fussing with fresh beets!

I imagine that they may be too soft after. Anyone try them. I hate peeling beets



louisez October 26, 2021
Great comments....
One more thought: if the issue is red dye from red beets, you might consider golden beets.
Nancy October 26, 2021
Another approach - if the beets are part of another roasted dish, just mix the canned ones in near the end, to warm up and get the flavors of the whole dish.
Nancy October 26, 2021
Or use the vacuum packed beets if available in your stores. They are cooked but firmer and tastier than canned.
Picholine October 26, 2021
AntoniaJames October 26, 2021
Yes, you are right, they will be too soft - the texture would be quite unpleasant, and given that canned beets have already been cooked, the beets probably would not taste very good. I wouldn't do it.

But don't despair!

Roasting fresh beets is about the easiest, fuss-free way to cook beets. Wrap them in parchment, and then wrap that parcel tightly in foil, without peeling them. Put the parcel on a rimmed baking sheet and roast the beets in a hot oven until a knife easily pierces them - 30-60 minutes, depending on the size and freshness of the beets - and remove from the oven. Let them sit, fully wrapped, for another ten minutes or so, and then peel them - with your fingers! - under cold running water (or in a large bowl of cold water, if water conservation is important to you). The peels will slip right off. And the beets will taste delicious. ;o)
Picholine October 26, 2021
That sounds easy peasy and I’m going to try it. Thanks
MMH October 26, 2021
Another great trick which works well: a few drops of red wine vinegar added to the beets before roasting will prevent them from bleeding when you peel them. Agree with Antonia.
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