Chocolate use in chocolate chip cookies

Would a combination of unsweetened chocolate and 70% choc. chips be a good combination in cc cookies?
recipe calls for 1 cup chips

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nishis September 16, 2011
In my experience bittersweet chocolate rarely contains dairy, so you can go as low as 60% (just read ingredients!) and be fine. Lake Champlain (a cut up bar) is an even lower % (so extra sweet and mild) without dairy.
Unsweetened chips: AVOID
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Thanks wonderful chefs!
I will stick with 70% - I need to use that because I am lactose intolerant and the 70% chips I found contain no dairy:) Actually, the recipe calls for 73% but I have no idea where to find that locally - I am in Boulder.
I just buy the 365 70% chips, and those are nice.
wssmom September 16, 2011
I agree with drbabs and chefjune; using the unsweetened chocolate as chips would be make biting into the cookie a kind of adventure. I would stick with the semisweet chips.
drbabs September 16, 2011
is the unsweetened chocolate in the cookie? (As in chocolate-chocolate chip so that the unsweeteened chcolate is melted and added to the batter) Or are you using pieces of unsweetened chcolate like chips? I think you can use it to make the cookies chocolate-chocolate chip, but I would just use the 70% chips ...unsweetened chocolate is kind of bitter.
ChefJune September 16, 2011
I've been using Guittard Akoma semisweet chips and loving them a lot. Used to chunk up Peter's Burgundy chocolate, and like that better, but these days Peter's requires one to purchase 50 pounds at a time. Couldn't use that much in 3 years!

I would not use unsweetened chocolate for chips. Have you tried nibbling on some unsweetened? If you like it, maybe it's okay for you.
sdebrango September 16, 2011
If you really like the taste of unsweetened chocolate its fine but I would go for the semi sweet a 70% is good I usually use less the callebaut semisweet chips I use are 49....% and are really good.
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