Is it ok to use hand mixer for you chocolate chip cookies?

  • Posted by: Sheila
  • January 19, 2014


boulangere January 19, 2014
Begging for an Edit function here. Sub mixer for blender in the above. Please give us an Edit!
boulangere January 19, 2014
Yes, certainly. The first step of creaming the butter and sugar(s) until light and fluffy (pale white, in other words) can be accomplished with a hand blender. Incorporating the eggs one at a time is simple. As for blending in the sifted dry ingredients, you will likely want to do that by hand with a good, stiff rubber spatula.
chef E. January 19, 2014
Yeah I'm pretty sure it is okay
Felicia M. January 19, 2014
You don't even need a hand mixer. Brownies, cookies and most cakes are perfectly fine to be mixed by hand. Hand mixers would be really helpful for something that need to be whipped, like when making whipped cream or whipped egg whites for meringues.
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