Can I just add oatmeal to a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe to make oatmeal choc chip cookies?

Or do I need to adjust any of the other ingredients? Worried about the oats absorbing moisture. Thanks! Here's the recipe I'm using.

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • April 1, 2020


Miss_Karen April 1, 2020
I agree. Reduce flour by about one cup and then sub in the oats.
Happygoin April 1, 2020
Probably not, but you can hold back about 1/2 cup on the flour and see if the consistency is too loose. If it is, add that last 1/2 cup.
Happygoin April 1, 2020
I just re-read my reply and realize it's a bit ambiguous. It's fine to add oatmeal to the cookie batter.

You can very likely just add oatmeal to the recipe as written, but you may want to hold out about 1/2 cup of the flour, just in case. You can always add it in if you feel like the dough is too slack.
Jessica April 1, 2020
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