Kellogg's sugary cereals forgotten.Help the rescue team by thinking outside the box.

In my kitchen cupboards some poor sugary breakfast cereals were forgotten.Expiration date is near and they don't wanna die in vain!They want to become something awsome instead of soggy little milk suckers!Please help the rescue team (me) by thinking outside the cereal box.

  • Posted by: mensaque
  • September 18, 2011


mensaque September 18, 2011
You're all soo good at this it makes me jealous!All great ideas and I think I ought to buy more cereal and go with them all,but sam1148 and dr.babs had me at fried chicken and icecream.My sugary friends feel so happy now,and so do I!Thanks.
wssmom September 18, 2011
All of these ideas are wonderful; Sam1148's response is much like what I would do: crush them and use them as a coating for, say, a variation of monkeymom's handy recipe:

Sam1148 September 18, 2011
How about crushing them and using them as a coating for a Satay type chicken strips. But with without the skewers and grilling.

Chicken strips..soaked in peanut butter/soy/citrus. Coated with cereal crumbs and lightly fried..or just baked.
Panfusine September 18, 2011
Heat canola oil, or butter, add some spices like paprika, salt, some crushed dried herbs, blend this flavored oil into the cereals (I'm not sure which particular ones you have in the pantry), layer onto a baking sheet & lightly toast till crisp along with store bought planters nuts for a party mix.
boulangere September 18, 2011
Wow, brilliant all of you. I would have simply headed for the dumpster.
drbabs September 18, 2011
You could soak them in heavy cream and milk, strain out the cereal and make ice cream. Just use the cereal-flavored milk as the base. I'd follow the genius recipe posted for Jeni's ice cream so that the base uses cornstarch and cream cheese to thicken it rather than eggs.
Just leave out the lemon.
sdebrango September 18, 2011
Rice krispy treats using other types of cereals, I have seen them made using fruit loops, cheerios and other types of cereals. I guess it depends on what type of sugary cereal you have.
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