Winging a muffin method recipe. What are the wet/dry/leavening proportions?

Half-empty boxes of flaky/nutty cereals have been accumulating in my pantry as cereal is a 'warm weather' breakfast in our house. I'd like to combine them and use the result in a hearty breakfast loaf. Since I'll be winging it, what are the proportions of wet/dry/leavening? I fear without this info, I'll end up with either loaf-shaped bricks or mushy messes. Thanks!

Cookin' Kim


Nancy December 19, 2017
Cookin Kim -
Glad my answer helped.
On second thought, I would use cereal to replace some not all of the flour. Leave some flour in the recipe to help hold it all together.
With this in mind, I looked at some recipes for quick bread wuth cereal and they had a minimum of one cup flour.
Some were for any cereal, some for specifics, like Grape Nuts or Raisin Bran.
Easy to find in a web search.
Cookin' K. December 19, 2017
I'll be doing this sometime later this week (first priority is my son's 18th birthday cake). I'll keep at least one cup flour, I'll use AP instead of bread flower to prevent the "brick".
I'll post a pic, good bad, or ugly. Actually some of the best food I've eaten has been ugly. They say you eat first with your eyes. I wonder - what does that say about me? LOL 🙄
Nancy December 17, 2017
Assuming you plan to use the cereals as replacement for flour, which will probably work with some differences in moisture and texture.
Thought immediately of Michael Ruhlman, from his book of a few years ago, Ratios.
Here's a chart of his ratios for dough and batter:
And here's a blogger's critique of his muffin ratio 2:2:1:1 (flour:liquid:fat:egg), and his revision. Says yes equal amounts flour and liquid, but sees the fat and egg better at smaller ratio (1/4 to 1/3, rather than 1/2).
My two cents' worth? In practice, the recipes I use most often and with greatest success (in taste and texture) are closer to the blogger's (4:4:1:1) than to Ruhlman's (2:2:1:1).
Nancy December 17, 2017
PS on the leavening, neither of my links had much to say.
I use (in my reliable recipes) 1 tsp each b-soda & b-powder for a recipe that uses 2c flour.
Cookin' K. December 18, 2017
To be honest, I didn't think of replacing the flour, just using the cereals as one would an additive like nuts, raisins, seeds, etc. I love your idea much more AND it'll save me flour! THANK YOU, Nancy! I'll let you know what comes of it with the info you provided. You're awesome!
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