What's a more healthy alternative to using butter in baking recipes?



Here is a great resource that you can print out and use for future reference whenever you want to update a recipe and make it healthier....

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wssmom September 20, 2011
According to the United States National Library of Medicine, smashed or pureed white beans can replace some of the fat products in baked goods. Pureed white beans add moisture and stability to recipes, without imparting a strong flavor. They are lower in fat and calories than butter or shortening, so you can make your favorite desserts healthier.

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rapearson September 20, 2011
It depends on what you are making. Sometimes i use "buttery sticks" (healthy margarine) for some or all of the butter, like in a pie crust. Sometimes you can use oil instead like Amanda's Peach Tart.
ChefJune September 20, 2011
What is it that you find "unhealthy" about butter? What would you prefer to use? and what is it you are planning to bake? There are some alternatives for some recipes, but there's nothing wrong with butter. In moderation.
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