A question about a recipe: Fresh Fig and Strawberry Jam

I have a question about the ingredient "Harvey's Bristol Cream" on the recipe "Fresh Fig and Strawberry Jam" from Feeding Groom.

What is Harvey's Bristol Cream - is there a good substitute? I live in a small town with not very many unusual ingredients.

  • Posted by: amorfood
  • September 20, 2011
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Fresh Fig and Strawberry Jam
Recipe question for: Fresh Fig and Strawberry Jam

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jjoun September 21, 2011
Harvey's Bristol Cream is a cream sherry, the sweetest type of sherry, which is a fortified wine made in Portugal. I suspect that any sherry will do. If you use a dry sherry, you might want to taste the jam mixture to see if it's sweet enough for your tastes. If not, add a little more sweetener before proceeding.Or, if you can't find any sherry, brandy might be a nice substitute.
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