I want to make a recipe calling for ricotta salata but can't find any. What's a good substitute?



TheWimpyVegetarian August 20, 2010
Thanks Lynda! I would check out Woodlands (great store!) but we're in Tahoe where the ingredients are a little more limited at the local stores.
TasteFood August 19, 2010
Susan - check out Woodlands!
Amanda H. August 19, 2010
ChezSuzanne, soon we'll have a reply feature, like we do in the comments section on the rest of the site, so you'll be able to reply to specific answers without broadcasting your reply to Twitter. For now, what you did is just right! Thanks.
TheWimpyVegetarian August 19, 2010
Not sure if this is where I can reply. Thanks for the responses! In answer to WinnieAb, corn and mint are also in the recipe. I think combining the feta with the ricotta will work great here. Thanks both of you!!
Amanda H. August 18, 2010
How about mixing some feta with regular ricotta, then you'd get the salinity and creaminess.
WinnieAb August 18, 2010
Feta would work, but it's saltier, I believe. What else is in the recipe?
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