A question about a recipe: Radish and Pecan Grain Salad

I have a question about the ingredient "2 cups mixed grains (like farro, freekah, wheat berries, wild rice, and quinoa, pearl barley, or any combination of the above)" on the recipe "Radish and Pecan Grain Salad" from amanda.

I've made this before with outstanding results. Whipped up a second batch yesterday and became uncertain as to whether this means 2 cups of grains uncooked, which is how it's written, or 2 cups of cooked grains. My 2 cups of grains cooked up to an astounding volume. I held back a full 2 cups to use for something else and still had plenty for the salad. So is it really 2 cups of uncooked grains or did I do something wrong?

Radish and Pecan Grain Salad
Recipe question for: Radish and Pecan Grain Salad


Amanda H. September 26, 2011
Glad you could make lemonade of lemons!
WeeklyGreens September 26, 2011
I used a different mix of grains this time. 1/2 cup wheat berries, 1/2 cup pearl barley, 1/2 cup quinoa and 1/2 cup Bhutanese red rice. Last time, I only used quinoa and wild rice. This mix bulked up a lot, but the side benefit was a delicious mixed grain breakfast porridge today. I seasoned it like oatmeal (brown sugar, cinnamon, slivered almonds, raisins) and the kids gobbled it right up.
Amanda H. September 26, 2011
It's 2 cups uncooked. Wondering if you added any different grains to the mix that might have increased a lot in volume while cooking? It's the only thing I can think of!
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