A question about a recipe: Revenge of the Pear Crisp

I have a question about step 3 on the recipe "Revenge of the Pear Crisp" from Lizthechef. It says:

"Add the sugar and flour. Mix and set pears aside."

The Ingredients for the pears do not include flour, but this step calls for flour? what do I do??
& the method for the topping does not include the flour even though its listed in the ingredients..

Revenge of the Pear Crisp
Recipe question for: Revenge of the Pear Crisp


Lizthechef September 26, 2011
So sorry - the recipe is fixed now but too late for you. Boo on me!
Panfusine September 26, 2011
OK.. So I'm right on track with the recipe then,, Thanks HLA & lizthechef!
Lizthechef September 26, 2011
Yikes - I will have to look at my recipe. I wanted a T. or so of flour to coat the pears - and the ginger to go with the pears as well, along with the vanilla, lemon juice and zest and some brown sugar. I'm so sorry for the confusion. I actually came here to ask a question of my own about something else!
Panfusine September 26, 2011
Thanks HLA: I took an educated guess & did exactly that. (Initially began adding flour to the pears & hurriedly scrambled to remove most of it with a spoon. Net result: the pears did get coated with some flour.. Its sitting in the oven now & smells YUM!)
I also went ahead & added the ginger to the pears (there is no explicit instruction in the recipe for where the crystallized ginger is supposed to go..)
hardlikearmour September 26, 2011
Add the flour listed in the topping portion of the recipe with the rest of the ingredients in step 6.
I'm not sure the filling needs any flour, but Liz may have used some to thicken it a bit. I probably would add no more than a tablespoon.
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