A question about: Braised Pork Roast with Onion Jus, Pears, Turnips and Potatoes

I have a question about step 5 on the Braised Pork w/root veggies from Tom Hirschfeld. It says:

"...slice the pear, turnip and potatoes lengthwise to get two 1/2 inch pieces from each vegetable and the fruit. You may only need two veggies or fruit each to do this the third is just backup."

Should that be 2-1/2 in pieces? If you only need two half-inch pieces from each item, how would you need a back-up?


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1 Comment

hardlikearmour October 2, 2011
I think he means just 2 pieces, each 1/2" thick from each vegetable/fruit, based on the picture that accompanies the recipe. In theory you wouldn't need a back up, unless you had some small veggies or sliced poorly and needed a do-over!
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