A question about a recipe: Paule Caillat's Brown Butter Tart Crust

I have a question about step 8 on the recipe "Paule Caillat's Brown Butter Tart Crust" from Genius Recipes. It says:

"Remove carefully from oven. It is ready for filling."

Hi ! Is it possible to make the dough ahead ? Or it has to be cooked right away ?
Or can I cook it a day before I use it (I don't know if it will keep well during 24 hours)
Thank you !

  • Posted by: Assya
  • October 2, 2011
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1 Comment

hardlikearmour October 2, 2011
I think you could make the dough ahead, line the pan with it, and cover and refrigerate until you are ready to bake. It might also work to bake it ahead, but I think texturally it would be better to bake it closer to when you use it.
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