paule caillat's brown butter tart crust: has anyone tried with an apple (open faced) or pumpkin filling? curious about doing a pumpkin pie in thi...

...s tart crust. would it work--has anyone tried? Like with the meta givens filling on here? thanks

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AntoniaJames November 2, 2015
I would think that the filling for a standard pumpkin pie would be far too much, in volume. That means you'd end up with a fairly non-standard ratio of filling to crust.
That said, there are many pumpkin topped shortbread bars with an equally thin layer of pumpkin on them not unlike what would happen here.
Another issue I see here would be that the filling for a standard pie presupposes a cooking time that is long enough to cook that particular custard, under those particular circumstances.

I would instead look for a pumpkin bar recipe to get the right ratio of ingredients to produce a set custard within the shorter baking time for the thinner layer of filling. And then I'd put a broiler-quick pecan praline topping. Send me a note for more details on that. ;o)

P.S. What I've just suggested sounds so good, I'm seriously considering trying it . . . . this Thanksgiving. (Of course, I'll have to do a test drive between now and then . . . . Most likely, I'll use Paul Virant's pumpkin butter, which is posted here as a Genius recipe. Here is a link to his pumpkin butter bars, which are made rich with cream cheese, sour cream and eggs - It makes more filling than one needs for a tart crust, so I would just put that into buttered ramekins - to eat for breakfast the next day!
Two T. November 3, 2015
Thank you! that is a very good idea--to use a bar filling. I had thought of reducing the volume of a pumpkin pie filling but this sounds more reliable-to use a thicker filling.
AntoniaJames November 3, 2015
Seriously, you should use the Paul Virant recipe. I just made the pumpkin butter - roasted two butternut squash after dinner, removed skin when cool, roasted with sugar, butter and spices early this morning. It's insanely good! I was thinking about your question as I was putting it into the container for the fridge.
I'm going to make those pumpkin bars, using the Paul Caillat crust, for Thanksgiving. I'm so glad you asked this question! ;o)
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