Two questions about a recipe: Sous Vide Salmon and Scented Rice

I have a question about the expanding the number of servings for the recipe "Sous Vide Salmon and Scented Rice" from Chef Krull. In the instructions you say it serves 1 - could I serve 2 - 4 (each piece in its own bag) and if so would I have to cook longer? Any tips for the logistics of holding 4 pieces?

And the second question is do you think halibut would work?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • October 3, 2011
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Recipe question for: Sous Vide Salmon and Scented Rice

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Chef K. October 3, 2011
Yes. Just duplicate the recipe for each additional piece of salmon. As long as your water temp stays the same, the cooking time doesn't change. I wouldn't hold salmon hot. I would par cook it taking off a minute of the cooking time, then reheat it by putting it back in the water for the additional minute. The cooking time in the recipe is pretty loose because the salmon will come out moist and tender even if it is cooked to well done, but I like to aim for an internal temp of about 110 degrees or medium rare. Halibut would definitely work as well, but being a different type of fish, the cooking time would change, and I would change the flavor of the dish. Salmon is the only fish I've done this with, because it is so plentiful here.
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