Would you freeze a cooked piece of Salmon with Garlic, Lemon, and Dill for later use?



Lexie August 14, 2014
If I had to, I would use less garlic as its flavor increases when frozen.
ChefJune August 11, 2014
sure I'd freeze it. why not? If there are lemon slices involved, I would nix freezing those, but otherwise, I'd wrap it in plastic wrap and put in the correct size of zip lock freezer bag.
ATG117 August 11, 2014
Wrap in plastic wrap, foil, and then a ziploc bag. There's no downside if the alternative is throwing it out.
KitchenKim August 11, 2014
Agreed....thank you!
davidpdx August 11, 2014
Only if I had to: for example, if I was going away for a few days and did not have the time or appetite to finish the leftovers right away! But if I did have to freeze it, I would wipe off the seasonings then wrap appropriately. For subsequent use, I'd defrost gently, then probably flake it, mix with some mayonnaise, and use it as a sandwich filling, pile it on a bed of lettuce, or stuff an avocado.
KitchenKim August 11, 2014
Good idea
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