If the butter is simply melted in the bottom of the pan, do we really need the whole 1/2 cup called for? Have you tried cutting down on the butter...

...? I would love to make this in a couple of days for company, so if anyone has an answer soon.... much obliged

  • Posted by: EatArt
  • October 3, 2011


EatArt October 5, 2011
I wasn't as concerned about the calorie thing as I was about the texture and greasiness of the cake. It seemed like a lot of butter and a lot of sugar in proportion to the other ingredients.
drbabs October 4, 2011
The butter and brown sugar seem to melt together to form a caramel layer that covers the figs. The problem with reducing the butter is that you risk having the fig layer stick to the bottom of the pan. You could try reducing it a little (I would reduce the sugar that you sprinkle over proportionately, too, but I haven't made this so I can't promise you it will work.)

But here's a question: This is a cake that's meant to serve 8 people. So that's 1 TB of butter per person. If you cut it back, are you making a big difference in the fat and calories in the cake? Not really. But you could risk ruining it. Just something to think about.
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