A question about a recipe: Helen Getz’s Napa Cabbage with Hot Bacon Dressing

I tried this recipe for dinner tonight and it came out way too watery. Could it be that I did not wisk the hot liquids into the egg slowly enough? Or should I have let a lot of the water boil off before adding it (oh so slowly) to the egg ? I still have the other half of the nappa, so I am hoping for some tips on getting it right-thamks!



Austro-Kat October 10, 2011
Thanks, will post after I try it again. I was reading the foodpickle log on the rating system, and think that the suggestion for more feedback on recipies that were tried is excellent, then the idea of trusting recipies from this site really kicks in - before I hadn't wanted to feel pesky by always commenting, but now I get it!
Amanda H. October 9, 2011
I think it must have to do with cooking off more water before adding it to the egg. Sorry you ended up with a soggy slaw! Hope the next batch works out better.
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