How to brine a turkey

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boulangere October 10, 2011
This one from campagnes looks lovely:
Sam1148 October 10, 2011
Use a brine that specified which Kosher Salt you should use.
The Diamond brand is the default for most brine recipes. While Morton will scoop out differently in weight of salt/cup.

William Sonoma sells a premade spice brine mix which I haven't tried but should be fairly foolproof.

The other thing you'd need is a clean icechest or one of those 5 gallon buckets with lids from the home depot. (use ice for the water element or set outside if it's cool enough in your region).
JessicaBakes October 10, 2011
Check out this recipe from Alton Brown: It's heavenly. You can also go to the "videos" tab on that page and SEE how to brine a turkey!

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