I like the new website, but almost all of my saved recipes are gone. Also, my searches are not producing the same results as before.

Robin O'D


Kristy M. October 11, 2011
Glad to help, Louisa! Hopefully the bug gets fixed soon!
Louisa October 11, 2011
Thanks, Kmucci, that's good to know. I cook from food52, love the site and will be patient.
Kristy M. October 11, 2011
As amanda stated before, this is a bug and it's not permanent. It's being worked on!
Louisa October 11, 2011
I too am distressed at the loss of the saved recipes. I would have saved them elsewhere if I'd know this would happen.
I enjoyed being able to scroll and stroll through multiple recipes when looking for, say, a lentil cauliflower soup, and being able to pick and choose ingredients from several different cooks.
I liked that the old site was so democratic and open. This feels tight.
boulangere October 11, 2011
All of my archived recipes are gone, too - those I'd written and those I'd saved of others. It looks like we're being allowed 10 of each of the most recent. I do not like this feature. I'm especially upset that the recipes of others are gone.
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