Taking almost 60 seconds for hotline to load

I have a strong connection and wondering if this is just because the wonderful site is up for the first day or if I am doing something wrong?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • October 11, 2011


bella S. October 11, 2011
At first I thought that it was my computer, but now I think that might not be the culprit. This is working VERY S L O W L Y. I also see that there is no more "Foodpickle". It is now "Hotline". I tried to respond to Hotline entries on Twitter, but was unable to do so on my iPad. I have always been able to do that before. I am now writing this on a PC.

Peter, you are now going to have to come up with a different excuse when you break up with someone, unless you only go out with people who don't look at this website!
SKK October 11, 2011
Cheers to Peter, Peter's sense of humor and the brilliant team of Cam, Gareth, Kfir, Jon, and Oka!
wssmom October 11, 2011
Thank you Cam, Gareth, Kfir, Jon and Oka! I know how excruciating getting a new site up and running can be!!!
ATG117 October 11, 2011
I have to say, I found the foodpickle was slow to load and slow to upload a post before the site upgrade.
Sam1148 October 11, 2011
This too shall pass.
A major re-design of an existing site will have problems. Venus won't rise out of the ocean on the half shell with every thing intact. I'm actually surprised the relaunch/design is working as well as it for the first day.
Kudos to all! And especially Peter.
Peter October 11, 2011
Sam1148, thanks for the patience and praise. Truth be told though, while I did my part, the real heroes of this project are some names you don't usually hear mentioned at Food52: Cam, Gareth, Kfir, Jon, and Oka pulled most the late nights.
boulangere October 11, 2011
Unfortunately, paging ahead or back is taking a long time, too. Thing seem much slower in general.
Peter October 11, 2011
SKK, to paraphrase something I'm sure I've said to one too many girlfriend in my past... "it's not you, it's us." Seriously, while we crossed a lot of T's and dotted a lot of i's, the loading time for the Hotline is TERRIBLE and something we have on our radar.

Thanks for bringing it up though -- I'm sure you're not the only one who noticed so hopefully others will take solace in your post.
boulangere October 11, 2011
Too, Peter, as though you need one more problem right about now, I've been dropped from the server several times today while trying to post a question which by now I've completely forgotten. I'm guessing that it's because of high volume, but just in case I need to take it personally, just give it to me straight.
Kristy M. October 11, 2011
Pretty sure it's just because the site is new -- bugs are being worked on!
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