The recipe states to toast the hazelnuts. Should I rub off the skins in a towel after toasting them before using them in the pesto?



thirschfeld October 12, 2011
I always remove the skins with a towel or sieve, depending on my mood, otherwise they get caught in your throat and give you that weird cough.
melissav October 12, 2011
I believe Amanda and Merrill removed the skins but I'll admit that I took the lazy route and didn't.
boulangere October 12, 2011
The easiest way to remove the skins is to roll the hazelnuts around in a sieve.
JessicaBakes October 12, 2011
If the recipe doesn't specify, it's probably not necessary. Some people do find the taste of the skins quite bitter, so if you're one of them, that step certainly wouldn't hurt
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