Has anyone worked much with ostrich?



boulangere October 13, 2011
I had a feeling I might hear from you. I have a few roasts. Haven't unwrapped them yet - for that matter, I haven't even thawed them yet, so I don't know what they look like. Thanks for the tips. If the results are interesting, I'll post them. Thanks very much, Tom.
thirschfeld October 13, 2011
oh, look for the thin medallions they seem to be best in my experience
thirschfeld October 13, 2011
I have worked with it a fair amount. Not much different the most game meats in that it is lean and needs to be cooked no more than a med rare or at most barely medium. I have always found it to be tasty but not something I search out. Seems to be about three cuts that you see and can find. If you ever get your hands on musk ox though you have hit nirvana, stuff is tasty tasty tasty.
lapadia October 13, 2011
"Ahhh, the poor little (big) Ostrich" :(
wssmom October 13, 2011
I did make ostrich chili once. But only once.
SKK October 13, 2011
Hi Boulangere, Ihave not worked with it and ate a lot of it in South Africa and loved it. It is very low fat and cooks quite quickly. Love to see what you are planning for it.
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