What is your go to brand for canned tomatoes?



thirschfeld August 26, 2010
I agree with drbabs. I really like Pomi and although I like San Marzanos they can be very expensive.
pierino August 24, 2010
Depending on where you shop you're probably not going to have a wide selection of real San Marzanos, so it's what tastes good to you. But consider this also; the tomato is a fruit from the New World. It wasn't accepted as food in Europe until late in the 1700's but then found wedded bliss in the volcanic soil surrounding Napoli.
monkeymom August 24, 2010
Thanks guys! If you make sure to check that the San Marzano are indeed from Napoli, does the brand make any difference? I've only tried a couple and it seems to me they can vary dramatically in the amount of acidity.
Lizthechef August 23, 2010
ditto pierino, although I hadn't known of the AZ "impostors".
pierino August 23, 2010
For domestic canned tomatoes I use Muir Glen. But I do indulge in imported San Marzano tomatoes from Napoli. But beware that there is a brand name "San Marzano" in the USA, and those tomatoes come from Arizona.
drbabs August 19, 2010
Ever since I read about BPA being used as a liner for canned food, I've been using Pomi boxed tomatoes. See this link: http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/11/03/bpa-in-canned-food/
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