I'm still not seeing any new recipes, when I click "newest recipes" i see the same screen each time which is now stuff from 7 days ago.



AntoniaJames October 14, 2011
If you scroll down, do you see new recipes? I posted a similar question last night and learned that you just have to go down the page. I was seeing the same 5 - 7 day old "Top" recipes as well, which made me think too that the "newest recipe" link wasn't functioning. Peter answered also, that they were working on that. ;o)
Dona October 14, 2011
When I post using iPad I go directly to a message "there appears to be a problem, and shows a recipe for chocolate toast.
Dona October 14, 2011
My laptop is PC, using IE. My iPad is safari.
Amanda H. October 14, 2011
Thanks for reporting these issues. We'll take a look at them. Can you let me know whether you're on a mac or pc and what browser (and version) you're using?
jenniebgood October 14, 2011
I agree w/ Dona. I'm also having problems printing- Is anyone else having this problem?
Dona October 14, 2011
I have the same experience. Maybe no one is posting new recipes? Also the format is ok on my iPad, but wonky on my laptop.
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