How do I print a recipe. I thought at one point in this 'new website' I had seen a place to click on 'print recipe'. Don't see it now.

  • Posted by: skook
  • November 8, 2011


bella S. November 9, 2011
I was "in a pickle" with the same issue last week. Thanks to Amanda's quick response, I found the printer icon, and clicked on that. (The three icons are a bit small, not too obvious.) When you click on the printer icon, a very nice version of the recipe appears, followed very by the " print window". What I do is click on "cancel" which then gets rid of the print window, but leaves the recipe up. I copy and paste that into a word doc, Then I can add comments/suggestions, as well as put the recipe into my own Recipe File on our computer. Hope that this may be helpful to someone.
Granna50 November 8, 2011
I too, do not have those images to the left of my screen. I have Facebook and Twitter images, but that's all. I use the internet via I am new to this website also!! And I love it----just can't print any recipes----HELP !!!
alexlutz November 8, 2011
We will add this issue to our 'to do' list and will get to it as soon as we can. Granna50 are you using Internet Explorer as well? If so, I think we understand the root of the problem.
Brenda D. May 24, 2019
I still do not find the icons mentioned. I am working with an iPad. I used this be able to print from it, but no longer. Help!
Dona November 8, 2011
I use Internet explored on my laptop.
skook November 8, 2011
hi alexlutz. skook here. I am the one who asked the original question. everything works ok on my iPad and my husband's laptop. just not on PC. our browser for that is .Internet explorer. since I cannot print of either iPad or laptop, this is what I did just now. go on laptop, click email.icon and email it to myself! will just print the email.
Dona November 8, 2011
I can no longer print recipes either. No print button. And the site completely unusable on my PC but ok on iPad.
alexlutz November 8, 2011
Dona, can you tell me what browser you are on? I'm distressed to hear that the site is 'unusable' for you--we feel like most of the issues have been resolved so if that's not the case we want to know. Thank you.
skook November 8, 2011
Thanks for your reply. I have pulled up a recipe that I wanted to print, but do not see any boxes in top left. Is this when you have the actual recipe up? Sorry, this comes from someone who still cannot pull up more than my first 10 recipes! I can however, on my ipad. Wierd. If you could clarify re the print is, it would be appreciated.
alexlutz November 8, 2011
skook, if you look to the left from the bottom of the recipe photograph, you'll see the three icons susan g mentions: one is a little envelope (to send the recipe via email), the next is to print, the third is a flag (to flag the recipe for inappropriate content). It's right below the Facebook and Tweet icons, if that helps.
susan G. November 8, 2011
On the recipe page look to the left. Near the top, under the boxes, there are three icons. One of them gives you the print version. And thanks, F52, for making the print a readable size -- much better!
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