Can I substitue skinless chicken breasts for thighs & drum sticks and still make a decent Arroz Con Pollo?

Kevin Koch


pierino October 28, 2010
I'm going to be the sole dissenter here I suppose, as veteran of many arroz con pollo meals. I think the bones are essential to the flavor, as are the skin and the fat---not to mention the chorizo fat. Okay, it's a mean old world but some skin and fat won't kill you unless you have them every day for breakfast.Although come to think of it, I wouldn't mind having that for breakfast.
Kevin K. October 28, 2010
Thanks all. Ill report tomorrow how it came out.
campagnes October 28, 2010
I agree with CaryNC. My roommate hates dark meat (I love it) so if we cooked together, we often had to swap breasts for thighs/drummies, and had to adjust the cooking time of the chicken lest it overcook. Good luck!
allie October 28, 2010
Add a slug of extra oil and watch carefully for doneness. One thing you should be careful about is reheating -- with dark meat, you can reheat with no worries. With white meat, sometimes things dry out if you are not careful.
Mr_Vittles October 28, 2010
Decent sure. I think that yummy fat adds something special to the dish. But if you are going to use skinless chicken, I agree with phyllis, just make sure to season well and maybe add a little extra oil to the recipe, to compensate for the lack of schmaltz.
CaryNC October 28, 2010
I would add the chicken breasts in strips or chunks after the rice has begun cooking a bit. Or I would sautee or grill the chicken and add in after the rice has cooked and use chicken stock instead of water for cooking the rice.
phyllis October 28, 2010
I substitute, too, sometimes. The chicken isn't as juicy and the chicken not quite as tasty w/out skin & bones. Make sure you season the breasts well.
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