Making Chili con carne! Don't have beef stock!?

Hello! I am making a Chili con carne, but i don't have beef stock, what can i substitute it with?

Dmitrijs Bagdevičs


Lori T. February 26, 2021
I really hope you didn't use a curry stock cube to make chili with. I'd suggest just about any other meat or veggie stock cube instead. Curry is a pretty strong flavor in it's own right, not the flavor profile for chili at all. You could also use tomato juice, or just water.
Nancy February 26, 2021
Lots of other liquids used in beef stew dishes like:
other broth (vegetable, chicken)
red wine (a la French stews)
beer (a la Belgian and German stews).
In all cases, you will still get most of the flavor from the meat, beans, vegetables and spices in the chile con carne.
Dmitrijs B. February 26, 2021
Than you, i will use the curry broth cube then
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